Call It Magic

Personal Project: Conceptual Photography

Call it magic
Call it true
And I just got broken
Broken into two
Still I call it magic

Magic doesn't just represent the dark side but also fun. I want this photo shoot to have a mysterious tone while conveying a sense of playfulness. We've become ensnared in this powerful magic, making it challenging to escape. Although Bangkhuntien may appear rural and insignificant to modern society, once you deeply experience it, you'll be forever lost in this enchantment. Feel all the unbelievable moments that you'll never forget.

Just like picturing a world where a passion for art transforms a design student into a magical being with incredible superpowers. The possibilities are endless.

"Still believe in magic?"
Oh, yes, I do.
(Magic by Coldplay)

Photographer: Te Petchara
Production Assistant: Chanidsara Thongma, Tanawadee Puthaaroon
Make up Artist: Phanjaporn Sakpoonsup
Model: Kan Trichan

Group Exhibition

- Lost In Bangkhuntien. SoA+D, Bangkok, Thailand.