Farewell Whisper

Personal Project: Documentary / Fine Art Photography

Fragments of Memories.
Echoes Through Time.

These photographs capture the pivotal moments of transition as I journeyed between places and life stages, from moving to Bangkok in 2013 to completing my studies and starting my first job in 2017, and leaving Thailand in 2022.

In the ever-changing rhythms of Bangkok, I danced to the poetic interplay of anticipation and nostalgia. Open to change, I embraced new beginnings, but the echoes of cherished moments lingered like a fading serenade.

Now, as I stand on the precipice of yet another departure, my memories shatter like fragile glass, letting the relentless river of time flow through the cracks.

'Farewell Whisper' unveils the poignant beauty of saying goodbye, a transient echo in the passage of time, preserving the essence of parting from both place and people