Poster Design by Te Petchara and Aitana López

Flying Ideas

A work-in-progree screening event took place at Worm Rotterdam.

Research notes on their studio walls, (un)clear images in their minds, draft edits and exports on their desktops…Artists need somewhere to go when their practice is messy, when work is ‘unfinished’ - when there are just Flying Ideas.

Flying Ideas is a collective space for works-in-progress. We recognise that the processes of development in between finished works are where we spend most of our time. Yet, this time is often hidden, or if anything is whispered about; it is rarely brought to the forefront, instead attention is focused on the ‘final’ outcome.

Recognizing the value of open thought and discussion, these work-in-progress screenings are experiments in how we can decentralize the final work and invite audiences into the in-between. Together, we can search for harmonies in our collective mess.

This first instalment of Flying Ideas brings together Te Petchara, Sam Koopman & Marty, Yalou Groeneweg, Claudio Tola, Luni Jančoraitė, Arabella Turner and Aitana López.

Peering into their practices and unfinished pieces of work, expect to enter into a space which challenges dominant imaginaries and makes speculative connections.

Various methods will be used to explore the floating propositions that make up these Ideas, such as re-imagining old and new worlds using myth and archive. There will be experiments in scriptwriting and fragmented text which lay bare the power dynamics present in the world of corporate work. As well as narrative discoveries through the intersecting paths of unlikely friends.

Each artist brings forth a distinct and often discordant practice that nonetheless finds consonance in a shared attitude to investigation - one that is not necessarily in pursuit of answers, but rather valuing different ways of being curious.

Text by Sam Koopman, Arabella Turner, and Claudio Tola

We organizing an event featuring a film screening and a publication at Worm Rotterdam in late September 2023.
We designed a feedback sheet to gather ideas from the audience after they watched our works in progress. The tickets were sold out, and we received meaningful feedback.

Link to the screening event: