Photo credit: Space Place Gallery

Something that

Solo Exhibition at Space Place Gallery, Nizhny Tagil, Russia

Archive: some.thing.that
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There is always something that I don’t understand, something that needs some time to realize, something that keeps me awake at night, and something that I still want to figure out.
I admit, I don't have all the answers. Life, and even my own captured images, sometimes elude my understanding.

"Something That" was born as a challenge to myself. Each day, I captured subjects aligned with a monthly theme, drawing inspiration from the game "Exquisite Corpse," where people take turns adding to a piece of paper without viewing what others have added, which inspired me to abandon complete control over selecting subjects. For instance, one of the rules I follow is to capture a photo of something that I got from a second-hand shop on the second day of each month. In January, I focused on photographing trash, resulting in a photoshoot where I combined an object from a second-hand shop with garbage.

Through this series of still-life images. I transformed everyday objects into my visual diary. No new props were purchased specifically for this project. Instead, I explored alternative methods of image-making within defined rules and limitations, challenging the conventional approach of quick and polished commercial photography.

By subverting the familiarity of mundane and mass-produced objects, "Something That" invites you to reconsider the ordinary and contemplate our shared human experiences. Pause and reflect

on the process behind the images we consume. The project reflects the passage of time and the ever-evolving world we inhabit. Through this journey of relocating space, reinterpreting perceptions, and unraveling the complexities of existence, I aim to gain a better understanding of both my practice and the capitalist world that surrounds me.